Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to sell your property

When an owner decides to sell or rent their property, it is important to have an updated Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) required by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism. This certificate has been implemented as a measure to achieve an improvement in the energy consumption of a property in European Union countries and is valid for 10 years.

In order to make the rating easy to read for the user, a scale of colours and letters has been implemented, ranging from A in green (best rating) to G in red, which is called the energy label. The label also includes information on the amount of carbon dioxide emitted and even data on the annual energy consumption of the house.

What do the EPC letters indicate?

Let’s find out what the letters on the Energy Performance Certificate mean.

  • Letter A (Excellent): Represents the best energy efficiency rating.
  • Letter B (Outstanding): Means that the property maintains good energy efficiency.
  • Letter C (Notable): The house retains a good above-average efficiency.
  • Letter D (Good): Represents normal energy efficiency.
  • Letter E (Normal): Says that the property has low energy efficiency.
  • Letter F (Deficient): shows that the efficiency is below average.
  • Letter G (Very poor): indicates that the property has no energy efficiency at all.

Is it mandatory to have the EPC? 

Royal Decree 235/2013 makes it compulsory for all homeowners who wish to sell or rent their property to have the EPC updated. This is done so that the buyer or tenant has the information regarding the energy efficiency of the property of interest.

It is very important to have the EPC updated by the owner of the property because in case of non-compliance, as established by the law 8/2013, of 26 June, could incur in low, medium or high gravity faults.

In monetary terms, fines would range from €300 to €600 for minor offences, €601 to €1,000 for serious offences and up to €6,000 for very serious offences. The latter includes fraudulently acting as a certifying technician or as an independent agent for the control of building certification.

Which properties need it?

Both homes and commercial premises need to have the Energy Certificate updated, although there may be some exceptions.

We always advise you to consult an authorised professional, if you want to know about the need for the EPC in your particular case.

Does the EPC have to be handed over?

Yes, you must give the Energy Performance Certificate to the tenants or new owners. They have the right to know the state of the energy efficiency of the property and thus be able to make the improvements that they deem appropriate.

Who can do the EPC?

In order to obtain the Energy Performance Certificate for your home it’s important to go to an authorised professional with the appropriate knowledge for this, such as architects and engineers.

In our agency, when we need to order the EEC for a property, we rely on the experience of the architectural firm with which we collaborate.

How much does it cost to renew the EPC?

The cost is liberalised, it varies depending on the professional who does it. However, to give you an idea, for a flat it can cost between 150-300€. One piece of advice is to be wary of professionals who offer it very cheaply.


I hope we have been able to help you understand what the EPC is for and how to obtain it. If you need help with your Energy Performance Certificate there are many companies that are dedicated to it.

If you don’t have an authorised professional you trust and you live in Mallorca, you can contact us without obligation.  We’ll be happy to help you.

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