The Real Estate purchase agreement and its importance.

Contrato de compraventa inmobiliaria

When you buy or sell a property, it is customary to draft a purchase and sale agreement between the parties. For this reason, it is important to understand the “two-step” structure, which involves a private real estate purchase agreement, followed by a public deed. This approach is not merely a formality; rather, it is a process that demands a personalized approach and specialized legal counsel to ensure the success of the transaction.

Private Contract: the foundation of the transaction

The private purchase and sale agreement plays a crucial role in establishing the foundations and obligations of the transaction. In perfecting the sales obligation, this document should define key aspects such as the object, price, and terms. Its proper drafting provides legal security to the parties during the pre-notarial formalization phase of the sale, with its adaptation to the specific case being essential.

It is crucial to understand the difference between perfection and consummation. The private contract represents the perfection of the real estate sales obligation, the moment of its inception. On the other hand, consummation occurs with the public deed, marking the effective transfer of property.”

"The private contract facilitates the buying and selling of the property, while its transfer and acquisition are formalized through the public deed."

Customizing the private contract for Real Estate Success

The customization of the purchase and sale contract and its timely legal framework is essential in real estate transactions, especially when the investment is substantial. Using generic contracts may offer generic solutions, but it does not address specific situations that may arise before the property transfer. Customizing the contract allows it to be tailored to the needs and goals of the parties involved, as well as the peculiarities of the property in question.

Legal due diligence (Legal DD) plays a crucial role in this process by analyzing the legal status of the property. This comprehensive analysis goes beyond a simple review of the property registry and encompasses areas such as civil, registry, tax, urban planning, and administrative law. Legal DD not only identifies risks and opportunities but also provides the necessary foundation for a comprehensive and specific contract that protects the parties involved.

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Enhanced security through legal guidance

Legal guidance from a real estate specialist lawyer adds an additional layer of confidence to the process. An attorney dedicated to advocating for their client’s interests can translate their expectations into legal language and incorporate them into the contract. This guidance may also encompass optimal tax planning and customization of the property to meet the client’s specific needs, enriching the transaction.

Anticipating contingencies and conflict resolution

Customizing the private contract allows for the anticipation of contingencies and the establishment of specific methods for conflict resolution. A clear and comprehensive contract not only closes the door to potential biased interpretations but also adds an extra layer of security and confidence to the transaction.

In summary, the two-step structure in real estate transactions in Spain is not merely a formal procedure. It requires a personalized approach and specialized legal guidance from a real estate lawyer to ensure success. Legal due diligence and advice are crucial elements that add layers of security and confidence, allowing for the anticipation of contingencies and risk mitigation.


A well-crafted contract tailored to specific circumstances not only fulfills legal obligations but also maximizes opportunities for success and security for all parties involved.

Therefore, it is crucial to have a legal team or a real estate agency, such as Real Estate Balear, collaborating with a specialized real estate lawyer who possesses a deep understanding of client needs and property specifics. This collaboration is essential to ensure the long-term success of the real estate transaction.

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