How Real Estate Technology Can Help you to Sell Your Home

Real estate technology is here to stay and move forward. We agree that we live in the digital age, so much so that technology plays a fundamental role in almost every facet of our lives. We use it when we want to book a plane ticket, when we want to shop from home and especially when we are researching something we are interested in.

As in other sectors, in recent years, the real estate world has been transformed by technological innovations that are increasingly being implemented to make the user experience satisfying and easy.

Thanks to this new technology, users can find a lot of valuable information about the real estate market and their specific area, as well as having access to tips and utilities for buying and selling a house.

In this post we will talk about some examples of technology that have been implemented in the real estate sector for the sale of a property.

Selling property in the analogue era


In the past, if you wanted to sell a flat, you would have asked your neighbour if they knew anyone in the area who had sold their property and at what price. You would have looked for advertisements for flats for sale in newspapers or specialist magazines to find out about the market or you would have called an estate agent for a valuation. At that time, estate agents and specialist magazines were almost the only ones who could provide information about the market prices of houses and land in a specific area. Today, technology has made it possible for any individual or professional to access this information almost without leaving home and get a general idea of how much your house might be worth.

The changing nature of selling a house

Internet is an important resource for owners looking to sell a house. An increasing number of websites offer a wide range of information on flats, houses, land and premises for sale. Some examples are:, or, not to mention all the pages of real estate agencies or specialised blogs.

Some of the information you can find online includes the price and description of the property, its geographical location and what the property offers. Of course, this is a good start to get an idea of a guide price, but if you want to sell your house quickly and at the best price you need to know more than just the price and characteristics of similar houses being sold in your area.

As I mentioned before, the technology that has been implemented in the real estate sector allows more sellers (individuals and agencies) to easily list a property for sale. You simply enter a specific platform for property sales, put the characteristics of your house or land, upload a few photos (that are nice, please), a descriptive text, put the price you have decided and voilá…. the ad is available to anyone. Potential buyers or just curious people.

Technology as an ally in the sale of your home

Listing your house for sale does not necessarily mean selling it. As easy as it is to place an advert nowadays, you will have to fight with many ads of houses similar to yours. You need to make your house stand out from the crowd, add value to what you are selling and know the buyer audience you are targeting. By “know” the buyer I don’t mean that they are really friends or acquaintances of yours (although that would be great), I mean to create a profile of the potential buyer. We will talk about this in another post.

Now I want to introduce you to some technological tools that can help you nowadays when selling your house:

Virtual reality (VR) technology is perfect for interactions that are close enough to bring trust and credibility to your ad. The potential buyer can tour the property without the need to travel from home to visit it, and it also serves as a filter to avoid possible visits from curious onlookers.

There are many platforms that offer this service such as: Kuula, Matterport, Floorfy.


Renders are digital images that are created on a computer from a 3D model, whose aim is to give a REALISTIC appearance of the room or part of the house that you want to recreate. It is very useful if your house needs renovation.

Rendering allows the potential buyer to have a more concrete idea of what the house or room could look like after the renovation. It must be said that most people do not have a great imagination and this digital tool is a great ally to arouse emotions and make the potential buyer fall in love with your house. If you are thinking of selling your house and you need this service, our agency collaborates with the architecture studio psarquitectos, true masters in this art.

You’ve probably seen a catalogue or two in online magazines. Well these are flipbooks, an interactive digital catalogue that looks like a real one with pages that can be flipped without the need to print it and give a professional touch to your publication. Totally paper free.

Digital signature platforms make it possible to send and receive electronically signed files easily, legally and securely. With this technology, there is no need for the seller and buyer to meet to sign the documents or to receive, print, sign, scan and resend the documents by email.

The digital signature greatly speeds up the signing process and allows both parties to sign from anywhere in the world without the need to be physically present. At our agency we use Signaturit and it really helps a lot, especially when clients don’t live in Mallorca.


Technology has had and continues to have a profound impact on the real estate sector in terms of how we buy, sell and rent our homes. A large part of the development of real estate technology has been the desire of people to have more information about the market and to have more accessibility when proposing their property, which is why the way houses are marketed and sold are becoming more creative and elaborate. 

If you are thinking of selling your house, don’t get left behind by offering just a few photos with a text that only describes the features. Add value to your property to make it stand out from the rest, use technology to your advantage.

We wish you luck in your sale and if you don’t know where to start, don’t worry… you can contact us without obligation so that we can suggest you on the sale of your house.

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